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T-Shirt Tips

When washing, don't be left too long in the soak in water and detergent solution. We recommend that no t-shirt soaking more than 1 hour for old t-shirt, while the new t-shirt should not be more than 30 minutes. If more, detergents can cause screen printing on t-shirts will be quickly damaged.

Separate t-shirt color with a white t-shirt, because it will cause the fade.

When washing the shirts don't scrub too hard, because it can damage the screen printing on t-shirts and damage our clothes so that the fibers become fuzzy.

Sunlight can cause faded the color of t-shirts and t-shirt silk screening. Therefore, we recommend drying upside-down shirts for silk screening is not directly facing the sun.

Bleach clothes containing chemicals that are strong, which can cause printing becomes faded and peeling. Bleach clothes also has the potential to make a quick thin and rough. Although expensive shirts or purchased at the online store, it's not a guarantee because these chemicals are destructive. So, avoid bleach clothing.

We recommend washing t-shirts by using a hand . The washing machine can make a stretchy T-shirts, screen printing easily damaged, and coarse pores. This is because when spun jersey will receive a push-pull weight and friction with other fabrics around.

To be durable always ironing t-shirts after washing and drying. Also make sure the t-shirt ironed dry. For the t-shirt color other than white silk screening, avoid ironing at the screening. Set the iron is hot position on the medium position.

If the stained shirt, immediately wash the stained section. Use a shampoo / detergent, apply to the stain, rub gently and rinse with clean water until the stains disappear.

In order for your favorite cool t-shirts durable, don't wear used to sleep, because sweat when we sleep can make a quick a dirty T-shirt at the neck. In addition, pressure on the jersey will make quick stretchy.

Better collection of your favorite t-shirt not too often used. Therefore, had some t-shirts to the frequency of collection you use a long and turns. So that your t-shirt collection in addition to many also durable.

( Information from http://tutorialtipstricks.blogspot.com )